Launching "DiscourseNet: International Association for Discourse Studies"

Dear user of,

You are part of a community that has been active since 2005 and now counts over 6500 users who have sent approximately 1000 announcements through the website. DiscourseNet has organised more than 30 events across Europe. 

We have recently started to make the network more formal in order to achieve more transparency, efficiency and democracy. In late 2018, the participants of the past DiscourseNet Assemblies, which have taken place during DiscourseNet events since 2008, were invited to express their interest to form a Temporary DiscourseNet Board. In January 2019, the Board was constituted from the 22 people who responded ( 

We in the Board have been dealing with a number of questions over the past few months, e.g. the planning of ongoing and future events (, the DiscourseNet publication outlets ( and the webpage, which has been online as version 2.0 since last autumn.        

In order to continue in the future, the Board is currently preparing the ground for turning the network into a formal association: “DiscourseNet: International Association for Discourse Studies”, which will be launched at the DiscourseNet General Assembly at our 3rd Congress in Paris (11-14/09/19, 

We want to include as many people as possible in this endeavour. Therefore, over the next few months, Board members will present some ideas for the future to you. You will receive invitations to help redraft the DiscourseNet Charter, to elect the DiscourseNet’s future Steering Group and to discuss any other ideas for the future. And of course I and the other members of the Temporary Board will be happy to receive your ideas. We want the association to be multilingual and you are encouraged to use the languages are you most at ease with.

We hope that many of you will join the new association as active members! 

Kind regards,


For the Steering Group and the Temporary DiscourseNet Board